May 18, 2016 CVPCA Spring Meeting Agenda

Place: Victory Forest Community Room (10000 Brunswick Ave, rear entrance. There is limited street parking only)

Time: 7pm ET

 Meeting Agenda:

 I.     Call meeting to order

 II.    Treasurer’s report

 III.   Guest Speaker:  Council Member Tom Hucker

(In the interest of time efficiency, residents  may submit questions on 3x5 card.)

 III.   Committee reports

    a.     Communications Committee

    b.     Code Enforcement

    c.     HAWP.     

    d.     Hospitality Committee

    e.     Safety Committee:  Sidewalk update

 IV.     Adjourn

  All community members are encouraged to participate in our community meetings. To count towards quorum and vote on association business, current year's dues must be paid. Dues are $20 per household per year. 

 Dues can now be paid via paypal using:

 or, send your name, address, email and a $20 check to:

 Ruben Kahvedjian, Treasurer CVPCA, 9816 Capitol View Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

 Your dues help us pay for upkeep around the new CVP signs and make possible CVPCA-sponsored events open to all. Thank you!

 You can always find meeting minutes and current information at the CVPCA website:


Progressive Dinner, Saturday Evening, June 4th, 2016. 

Contact Carol Ireland for details and to sign up.