Removing English Ivy

What? Trimming English Ivy

 Why? English Ivy is invasive; it will choke and kill our beautiful neighborhood trees. (more information can be found at


 Here are instructions provided by the Rock Creek Conservancy: (see

 To remove the ivy: 

 1.  Use garden clippers (or loppers or saws for large vines)  to cut ivy at the bottom 2 feet above the ground in a ring around the entire trunk.  

2.  Pry the cut vines down to the ground with a screw driver or weeding fork.  Pull all ivy vines out of the ground around the base of the tree, making a 2-foot "life saver ring" around the tree.  

3.  Leave the rest of the  ivy above the cut on the tree.  Do not pull it off because that could harm the tree.  Ivy leaves and vines will gradually die and fall off.